Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cleanse Your Way to Perfect Balance & Health!

Cleansing and detoxification is an important element to living a long and healthy life. Even if you have healthy dietary and lifestyle practices the fact is we all live in a toxic environment which touches everything from the foods we eat to the air we breathe. This translates into toxic accumulation within the body. Many of us also find ourselves struggling with pesky health symptoms seen as something we are expected to live with or to take a drug from whether it be recurrent pain, mood swings, blood sugar or weight issues, migraines, allergies, high blood pressure or low energy. The underlying cause and a contributing factor to many of our health problems resides within both toxicity and deficiency. When the body is overwhelmed with toxic substances, coming from food chemicals and additives; stress and negative thinking; poor nutritional choices including unhealthy fats, sugar and processed foods and is also deficient in the raw building blocks it needs to build healthy cells, give us vibrant energy and keep us renewed and revitalized, our body and mind begin to slow and we loose our vibrancy. 

Toxins accumulate mostly in the fatty tissues within our body and organs, think of the heart, liver, brain, and there they remain until we cleanse and detoxify! If we don't cleanse our bodies periodically our body processes slow down, we are depleted of vital life energy, our mind is clouded and pesky health symptoms begin to emerge. Pesky health symptoms are signals from the body that something is wrong or the body is not being given what it needs. These symptoms are indications the body is struggling to maintain health and if not addressed and reversed, these small issues can turn into a full blow health crises. The impact of a deficient and toxic body over time is degraded health, depleted energy, sickness and eventually pain and disease. 

Cleansing is based on the belief that the human body is self healing and naturally has the ability to balance and heal. Sickness, weight retention and healthy symptoms occur when the body is not getting what it needs and/or is so overly toxic it is no longer balanced and able to self heal. The body will self-heal and find balance again naturally when it is cleansed and given the raw building blocks it needs. Cleansing:

  • Helps the body remove accumulated wastes and toxins that have accumulated
  • Provides the body with large doses of the highest quality and most easily utilized living nutrients
  • Restores balance and vitality at a cellular level 
  • Helps implement healthy dietary and lifestyle practices 
  • Lays a healthy foundation to manifesting your personal health intentions and goals. 
When the body is refreshed through the process of cleansing, it will self heal and balance, resulting in superior health, balanced weight and vibrant energy! The most effective natural way to cleanse the body is through living pure foods and juices that flood the body with high levels of living nutrients and living enzymes, restoring balance and flushing toxins all at a cellular level. 

Many companies offer gimmicky "cleansing and detoxification programs" centered around a product, usually a series of pills. This is a highly ineffective way to detoxify the body and is not cleansing, in the true sense of the word. True cleansing works on all areas of one's being and life concurrently. This includes, diet and lifestyle, movement and relaxation, as well as reducing stress and restoring balance to the body, mind and spirit. Detoxification does not occur on a deep level when the focus is on just one area. Simplistic products also do nothing to teach you how to implement healthy long term living patterns or how to care for your health, body, mind and spirit, in a natural basic way. 

At Align we offer comprehensive 
Holistic cleansing & detoxification programs that cleanse the body on a deep level. Through our cleansing process you will:
  • Set reachable personal goals and intentions for your health and well being!
  • Learn simple yet powerful tools to change your relationship with food, your lifestyle and health dramatically!
  • Facilitate greater balance, healing, vitality and health through Raw Foods, Juicing & Superfood
  • Utilize Ayurvedic Principles & Lifestyle Modifications for Balance & Healthy Living
  • Detoxify your Body & Mind
  • Balance Body pH and Weight 
  • Enhance Energy & Overall Health
  • Implement Healthy Lifestyle & Dietary Practices
  • Reshape your routine, overhauling your outlook and transform your intentions into action!
Our 14 & 30 Day Personalized Cleansing Programs Focus on all areas including:
  • Digestive & the natural rhythms of the body
  • Living Foods and Juices
  • Medicinal Cleansing Herbs 
  • Exercise, Relaxation & Yoga 
  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle Modifications
After cleansing you will:
  • Increase your energy levels 
  • Establishing the most healthful lifestyle and dietary practices 
  • Detoxify your mind, purify your body, reshape your routine, overhaul your outlook and transform your intentions into action!
Our cleansing programs are also the first step in our Your Perfect Weight Program. During the cleanse you will have weekly wellness coaching to support you in your journey, keep you right on track and help you succeed in meeting your weekly health goals and intentions!

If there is just one thing you do to better your health and well being, cleansing should be at the very top of your list. Cleansing clears the way for the clear and free flow of energy through all areas of your life, revitalizes your body and mind, and restores balance in every area of your health and well being. The impacts and effects of holistic natural cleansing are powerful and long lasting!

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