Saturday, March 12, 2011



Tourism is an activity done by a individual or a group which leads to a motion from a place to another . It means to visit from a place to several places. It increases the knowledge of countries, cultures, society, history, religion etc. Tourism is a kind of industry has a direct impact on the national revenue for all touristic countries , it create work opportunities, industries and investment to serve and raise nations performance and cultures.
For a poor country tourism becomes the only option to developed the state to earn money. Tourism is a key sector of economy it include a wide variety of product and destination.
tourism industry s subjected to several hurdle . There are many industries which are closely associated with other industries offering services to the common people , like Hotels, lodging , service food and beverage industry. Industry dealing with Real Estate, finance, banking, insurance, whole-sale, retail market, warehousing, communication, transportation industry etc.
Tourism industry growth in any country prone to the changing economic condition. In the event when a country is passing through a low phase or an individual's job is at risk , not many people to choose to travel. People under these circumstances tent to settle for low budget restaurants, Hotels or opt for amusement parks and nearby places. The Ministry of Tourism adopts many policies to counteract hurdles and obstacles which come on the way the developed of tourism in a country. Policies adopted by ministry of tourism are aimed at enhancing services and tourism tools to attract as many tourists as possible. Every possible effort is made to set standards as per norms of the world tourism industry.