Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The All Mighty Germ

Hello and welcome to my blog! I have decided to start this blog to be able to interact more with my audience and provide exciting and useful information to you on health, well being and living your very best life! I am excited to continue blogging and keep your abreast of my thoughts and feelings on health and wellbeing and give you insight into my personal journey along this road to balance and wholeness, well sharing insight, tips, recipes and more to assist you in your journey to health!

As I write my daughter and I are in the process of getting over a nasty sickness that hit us at the end of last week. Right at the start of the glorious first long weekend of summer, Memorial Day, sad to say! All that time laying flat on my back gave me ample time to really think and introspect on sickness and health. At the same time, coincidentally, I have begun reading a really excellent book, "The Naturopathic Way~How to Detox, Find Quality Nutrition & Restore your Acid-Alkaline Balance" by Christopher Vasey, ND. Words from the book ring in my ears as I lay moaning and withering in my sickened state..."Sickness and disease in reality is only the translation of an inner effort to neutralize and clean out toxins, which the body does for preservation and regeneration and is not an effort to destroy health." In effect Mr. Vasey is eloquently saying that all sickness is a detoxification crisis happening only when the body, and I believe mind and spirit, become too overloaded with toxins to continue in a healthy way. The body makes a loud and urgent call that it can no longer continue to perform under such toxic duress. It then forcefully begins to expel the toxins in what we call a "sickness", i.e. coughing, sneezing, congestion, fever, vomiting, ect. It is truly amazing when you stop and think about that concept. Here in the West we tend to put all our faith and belief in the all mighty germ. Germs are the cause of sickness, if we eradicate germs we will no longer be sick! That is our wayward thinking which can be attributed mostly because of our over reliance on drugs, thanks to Big Pharma. Drugs can only be created and useful against a specific germ. If you are unable to identify a germ you are unable to create a chemical concoction to kill that germ. This way of thinking though, the all mighty germ, has been proven to be false.

In one of the most memorable studies I read, cold germs were taken and physically placed inside of the nasal tissue of the study participants. With active cold germs placed inside of the body one would then think all of the study participants came down with the cold virus. This turned out to be not the case, in fact more then half of the participants did not ever come down with the cold virus. Why? I am reminded of Louis Pasteur's famous last words. "The germ is nothing, the soil is everything." Who is Louis Pasteur? The famous chemist and microbiologist AND founding father of the germ theory. Quite a shocking statement from someone who spent his entire life creating a theory that all sickness was created by an outside invader, the germ. "The germ is nothing, the soil everything." It is not the external environment that dictates our health but our internal environment. When the internal environment is healthy and rich, then seeds of sickness and disease are never able to take root. When our internal soil is depleted and overrun with toxins and excess debris, the seeds of sickness are able to take root and flourish. Only by keeping ourselves detoxified and plentiful with the nutrients we need do we find ourselves not succumbing to sickness.

So all of this leads to these final words...It is not what is external that determines our health but what is internal. This can be said for the body but also extended to every fragment of our being, from our mind and emotions to our happiness and wellbeing. It is not external but internal that dictates who and what we are.

So having been clearly reminded of this, I bow my head and humbly continue on in my detoxification crisis and healing process as I get over this nasty "sickness." I come out the other side stronger, deeply reminded of how important each choice I make is and more determined then ever not to allow toxic thoughts, emotions, foods, substances or lifestyle practices to invade my being as I continue on in my quest for living my life in perfect alignment.