Sunday, September 25, 2011

Vitamin C - A Nutrition Powerhouse!

Vitamin C is by far one of the most valuable and versatile nutrients for the human body, it is integral to life itself. We know and hear frequently about it's role in immunity and a healthy strong immune system but here are some additional facts about vitamin C you may have not known:

1. Cell Regulator - Out of 880 substances it was vitamin C alone that was responsible for the conversion of new generic cells into heart, brain and bones cells in a recent study.
2. Energy - L-carnitine is an amino acid that helps turn fat into energy. Vitamin C is used by the body to make L-carnitine. Fatigue in fact is one of the very first signs of vitamin C depletion and deficiency. In one study, 44 workers received 6 grams of vitamin C daily. After just 2 short weeks, their fatigue had decreased by more then 1/3.
3. Skin & Bones - Collagen is the predominant protein in the body used to form part of all tissues, including skin, organs, cartilage and bone. The body needs vitamin C to make collagen. Vitamin C has been shown in studies to improve skin tone, reduce fine wrinkles and reduce the risk of bone fractures!
4. Mood & Mental Health - Vitamin C is needed to manufacture several important mood-enhancing neurotransmitters, including dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine. One of the first signs of vitamin C deficiency is irritability. In a recent study taking a small dose of only 1,000mg led to significant reductions in anger, anxiety and depression.
5. Infection Fighter - Vitamin C has been shown to reduce the symptoms of the common cold by about 1/3. The most beneficial daily dosage range is 2,000-6,000mg spread out over the day.
6. Cancer Treatment - Considerable research is currently being done on the benefits and role of vitamin C in cancer healing. Ten grams of oral vitamin C has been shown to reduce nausea, improve appetite and enhance the overall quality of life in cancer patients.

How do you know how much vitamin C you should be taking on a daily basis? The best method of determination is your bowel tolerance. Too much vitamin C for your individual body will make your bowels loose. You want to be taking just below this threshold. So increase your dosage every day until you find just the right amount for your body's needs!

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