Monday, August 29, 2011

Individualized Optimal Nutrition Planning

Each of us has our own biochemical make up. No two of us are exactly the same. We can see this just by looking at one another, but that just scratches the surface. Our differences and unique individuality go far beneath the outer layer, penetrating all the way to our core. As we are each different, we each have different nutritional needs and optimal diet requirements. Without the proper nutritional intake we will succumb to minor sickness such as the cold, flu, allergies, low energy and weight issues as well as more major health problems such as arthritis, diabetes, ulcers, migraines, chronic fatigue, cancer, heart disease, stroke and more. We are facing a health crisis in this country. Living with a chronic issue or sickness is seen by many to still be living in health, while that is not the case. Optimal health is the absence of ALL symptoms, sickness and chronic problems as well as strong and lasting energy throughout the day, the absence of food cravings and sustained emotional balance. Living with pain, chronic problems or on prescription medication of any kind is not living in a state of health. An optimal diet is the foundation of any healthy lifestyle and the cornerstone of good and lasting health. It is what prevents or accelerates health issues and what gives us our basis for optimal health. Without a personalized optimal diet optimal health is not possible.

Ever day we are bombarded with “conflicting” nutritional information, fad diets, pressure and frustration to look and feel our best without knowing exactly how to make that happen. As I have worked with people it has become increasingly clear that diet standards and particular ways of eating are not only an out dated approach to health but just don’t work. It is common for most diets, fad diets such as the Zone or South Beach, to work for about 30-35% of the individuals on that particular diet, while failing for the remaining portion. Why is that? The answer to that question is found in bio-individuality. Bio-individuality is multi-faceted and includes how your body pH responds to your diet, if your body needs a higher percentage of protein or carbohydrates, what your mind and body constitutional make-up is and if there are any existing nutritional deficiencies or physical or mental weaknesses. There are certain nutrients you as a unique individual will need but there are also some foods that help to keep your body balanced and some that will throw you out of balance, there are ways of eating that will stabilize your blood sugar and body pH and others that will make you become acidic and will make your blood sugar tumble around like a roller coaster ride. Again the key is found in your individual biochemistry.

How do you know if your diet is working for you and if you have already created the optimal nutritional approach for yourself?  There are several key metrics that indicate your diet is working for you and that you are on the right track to strong and lasting health. These metric include:

  • You have sustained and consistent energy levels throughout the entire day. You don’t have lulls, 2pm crashes or exhaustion by quitting time. You wake up feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to dive into a new day. You don’t feel cloudy or foggy. 

  • You feel emotionally balanced and stable without intermittent feelings of being blue, depressed, irritated, angry, overly emotional or anxious. 

  • You don’t have food cravings such as strong cravings for sweet, salty or fatty foods. 

  • You easily stay or can return to your perfect weight without much struggle or thought. If you happen to gain a few pounds you easily loose it within the coming days. 

  • Your body pH stays right around 7.46 without much deviation. 

  • You feel calm, balanced and at peace. 

  • You aren’t experiencing any health problems, even minor problems such as pain, skin problems, allergies, headaches, ect. 

To help my clients achieve their optimal health and to meet and sustain the above health metrics I have developed Individualized Optimal Nutrition Planning. With IONP you can now live and experience life as you were meant to with the highest levels of health, clarity and energy.

Through Individualized Optimal Nutritional Planning together we will create a nutritional approach and plan that:

  • Helps you achieve and maintain the highest levels of energy. 

  • Helps you feel and stay emotionally balanced. 

  • Eliminates food cravings. 

  • Takes and keeps you at your perfect balanced weight. 

  • Keeps your body pH optimal. 

  • Helps you feel balanced and calm. 

  • Eliminates and prevents ALL symptoms and health issues.

  • Teaches you to shop and cook for optimal health. 

  • Assesses your kitchen and prepares you for providing only the highest level of nutrition to you and your family.  

Through Individualized Optimal Nutritional Planning we will monitor your body pH as a means of discovering your optimal diet. You will also be taught how to monitor your own body pH which is one of the best indicators of good and long term health. You will learn the proper combination and proportions of proteins, fats and carbohydrates specific to your bio-individuality which will play a key role in meeting the above goals. You will learn your mind and body constitutional make up and the types of foods that best suit your constitution for optimal health and balance. You will discover any underlying nutritional deficiencies and work to restore areas of deficiency.

Included in your IONP is a:

  • Complete Individualized Optimal Nutrition Plan with 3 one-on-one 60 minute sessions. 

  • Personal one-on-one organic cooking and live food un-cooking class in your own home! I will come to your home and teach you the basics of live and organic food preparation and cooking. After which you will have a strong base of knowledge of how to prepare and make foods that are living, whole and have the highest nutritional value! 

  • Complete kitchen assessment where we will assess your current kitchen offerings, set-up and you will learn how to turn your kitchen into a Natural Health and Healing Mecca, increasing and maintaining the highest levels of health for you and your entire family!  

  • One-on-one grocery store tour. Together we will make a trip to the local natural grocer where you will learn how to shop organic and natural, how to read labels, the health contributions and benefits of various foods and learn about foods that seem foreign to the Western diet but are oh so healthy!

Contact us today to start your very own Individualized Optimal Nutrition Plan!

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