Monday, January 16, 2012

Why Living Foods are So Powerful

Raw food are not the latest craze or diet trend, in fact they are the oldest and most natural ways for our body to eat. When we eat raw foods, we are eating foods left in their original, natural state. In this state, foods are left as potent energetic forces that when brought into our body, interact with our systems, organs and cells in a very healing, balancing and transformational way. It was Hippocrates, the Father of Western Modern medicine, who said that foods were medicine, and we should look to foods to be our medicines. What he saw, is what anyone one of can experience on a first hand level when we make a shift to a more natural living diet.

Raw foods specifically are beneficial to the body in the following ways:

1. Raw Foods Have a Higher Oxygen Level - Living plants circulate and utilize energy in a very real way. This living energy creates plant structures that posses a living component called chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has the almost identical molecular structure to hemoglobin, a protein of our very own red blood cells. Our red blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen and carrying away wastes. As we take in larger amounts of living chlorophyll, it is almost as if we are getting a cleaning blood transfusion. Our blood is cleansed and we are infused with the highest most pure oxygen levels. Disease thrives in a low oxygen environment, and the wastes that they give off steal oxygen from our own bodies. When we are high is pure oxygen our body is able to operate in the most healthy, clean internal environments and at the same time our energy levels are increased and toxins are removed more effectively.

2. Raw Foods Contain High Levels of Living Enzymes - The new frontier of medicine, even possibly Western medicine? The use of enzymes in the treatment of diseased states. Why is this? Because enzymes are the power of life. They are what make every function within our body work, they are the catalyst for living. It has been found, through promising new enzyme research, that most all disease states can be traced back to a lack of or a malfunction of body enzymes. When we eat cooked and processed foods we are taking in no living enzymes and at the same time we are asking our body to produce enough new enzymes to digest and assimilate all the nutrients we just took in and enough to expel all the toxins contained with these foods. Over time, this leads to an enzyme deficiency in the body and disease begins to evolve. Raw foods on the other hand contain within them the exact combination of living enzymes to fully digest and assimilate that particular food. When mixed with our own naturally present enzymes, the process of digestion is expodentially enhanced and we experience greater levels of health while at the same time re-routing conserved digestive energy to other body processes such as cleansing and re-building.

3. Raw Foods Contain Living Phytopigments and Phytochemials - Phytopigments, the pigments naturally present in pant foods, each contain specific, diverse purposes. They contain within them a multitude of phytochemicals, or active living plant chemicals. When we think of chemicals we think of pharmaceuticals, but these are made made chemicals and they are incomplete which is why they don't work to heal. Most pharmaceutical drugs contain one or maybe two potent plant chemicals, which are them mixed with synthetic compounds, filler, additives, preservatives and then sold as a drug. Plants on the other hand don't just contain one or two chemicals they contain literally thousand. Each plant food has a different portrait of living plant chemicals and each chemical has a different function. Some lower blood pressure, other regulate hormones, others balance the nervous system. Their functions are diverse and voluminous. Left in their raw state, these plant chemicals are still living and currently doing their intended process as they are brought into our body, so their effect is powerful. These chemicals balance, regulate, and "tune up" our internal processes. Without them we are left without anything to internally balance.

These are just 3 of the ways in which living food heal, restore and revitalize. Raw foods contain many more health promoting benefits. I will be writing about more of the ways in which living foods are so powerful to health, in coming days and weeks.

Blessings of health.

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