Monday, October 17, 2011

A Nutritionist ~ Your Biggest Health Ally

A nutritionist is your biggest ally in reaching your health goals, helping to heal your body of chronic disease or symptoms and helping you to attain the highest levels of health and vitality. Your diet is the absolutely basic foundation of your health, whether that be good or poor health. The reason for this is simple, you are what you eat. What you eat dictates who you are, from the physical level, the shape and structure of your body, to the way it operates, how much energy you have, how well and clear your mental processes work, how good or poor your organs and systems function, how balanced your weight stays and how strong or weak you become. Your body is dependant upon what you bring into it for repairing, day to day functioning, healing and building. Without needed nutrients your body slowly begins to perish. In recent years as we have begun to learn about the importance and wide variety of functions pytochemicals perform, the active chemicals within plants, we have begun to see why it was said “Let thy food be thy medicine.” Take for instance an apple. There are literally thousands of photochemicals that have been identified within 1 apple. Each chemical having possibly hundreds of functions from regulating hormones to preventing tumor growth. Many of the functions of phytochemicals are still a mystery but as we begin to learn about these various functions we really begin to see how and why food is so important. Not only does it give us the building blocks we need for basic life and functioning, it gives our body the things it needs to heal and remain balanced and healthy. There is no pill or Earth that could ever provide the variety and diversity of even a single phytochemical and that is just one component of our food! Each of us is highly unique and individualized. What works for one person may fail miserably for another. Each of us also needs a specific combination of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to operate at our best. This is where a nutritionist can help!

Here we explore the top reasons why a Nutritionist is your biggest ally for long lasting health and vitality.

1. Nutrition is the Best Preventative Medicine - While heredity loads the proverbial gun of giving you a propensity toward cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease or obesity it is your lifestyle that pulls the trigger. It is estimated that up to 90% of all cancers are caused by nutritional factors and 75% of all causes of death are related to nutrition related factors. Putting your focus and attention on your diet, what and how you eat, is the number one way to prevent disease and pain in later life, and for some not so later. Our diet is the most important factor to preventing disease but the one most of us most often overlook. A nutritionist can help create a nutrition plan for you that is easily integrated into your life and works to prevent disease and pain.

2. Nutrition is the Key to the Highest Levels of Health & Vitality - Feeling sluggish and run down? Need more energy? Feel depressed, anxious, irritable or angry? Feel ok but not fabulous? Look to your diet. Your diet is the key to experiencing the highest levels of vitality and health. When your diet is properly structured you should have abundant levels of energy and clarity. You should feel clean and clear and well balanced. Each of us is highly unique and individualized as should be our diets. Each of us require different levels of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Our diet is dependant on who we are, our lifestyle and our unique biochemistry. Diets and certain ways of eating may work for some but usually fail for others. The reason for this lies in our individual biochemistry. A nutritionist is the one person who is trained in knowing how to determine your exact unique biochemical make up and what your specific needs are, which results in you attaining the highest levels of vitality. A nutritionist also helps you to understand the way food interacts within your individual body and how to live the best life you can through the foods you eat.

3. Nutrition Heals Chronic Pain, Symptoms & Disease - When sickness arrives and stays within the body is not because of bad luck, a germ, bad genes, heredity or an unknown cause. The body is designed to remain in a homeostatic state, perfectly balanced. We also know that heredity may give someone the propensity toward a certain type of deterioration but it is not the reason why the deterioration occurs. The body becomes sick, pained and diseased for 2 reasons - over toxicity and deficiency. When the body is properly detoxified and receives all the nutrients it needs even if a potent germs comes along or heredity has given us weaknesses, the body is able to stay strong, heal itself and return to homeostasis, that is it very nature. Both toxicity and deficiency come through the foods we eat or do not eat. Eating a healthful healing diet reduces and eliminates toxicity in the body and restores deficiencies allowing the body to operate at its most healthful state and heal areas in need. Diet is the number one way to heal and reverse chronic degenerative disease, pain and chronic symptoms. Nutrition based approaches to healing and reversing disease are far more effective at healing and are the only way to truly restore the body to complete health. Other approaches work to reduce symptoms, which are merely our body’s way of telling us something is wrong. Eliminating symptoms does not heal the body. Healing comes through reducing toxicity and restoring deficiencies which can only be achieved through nutrition.

4. Nutrition is the Key to Reaching Your Health Goals - Whether your goal is to return to your balanced weight, gain more energy, build muscle or stay healthy long term nutrition is your answer. It is what you eat that gives your body what it needs to maintain health. When your body isn’t getting what it needs energy levels plummet and sickness and pain begin to form. When your body is getting too much in certain areas and not enough in other weight becomes imbalanced. Once your body begins getting exactly what it needs, in the right amounts and at the right times every area of health begins to balance. What your body needs is highly individualized. Only though testing and the expertise of a trained nutritionist can you structure your diet in a way that will give you exactly what you need resulting in meeting your goals. A nutritionist acts as your guide and coach helping to align your diet with your specific wants and needs which results in you attaining your health goals. A nutritionist also acts as your educator giving you the knowledge you need and shows you details you may have overlooked .

Why should YOU visit with a nutritionist? Here are just some of the benefits:

Lower total cholesterol •Higher HDL cholesterol •Lower LDL cholesterol •Higher energy levels •Improved sleep •Better concentration •More stamina •Of course, loss of body fat (if needed) •Improved appearance •Longer lifespan •Decreased occurrence of illness •Shorter duration of illness when it does take place •Softer skin •Better hair •Stronger heart •Improved digestion •No lethargy after meals •Delayed menopause •Less acne •Regular bowel movements •Decreased risk of heart disease •Decreased risk of cancer •Fewer visits to doctors •Better self image •Improved attitude towards others •Less severe PMS •Increased ability to fight infections •Decreased risk and occurrence of prostate trouble •Enhanced athletic performance •Better performance in the workplace •Improved memory

Certainly, this is not the entire list, but you are beginning to see the light.

Call or email us today to see how a nutritionist can help to meet your needs and attain your health goals and intentions.

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