Thursday, January 27, 2011

Toursim in Nepal

Tourism is one of the main economic source of Nepal. It is a largest industry in Nepal , main source of foriegn exchange and revenue. Nepal is the only Hindu Kingdom in the World. It is popularly known as the birth place of Lord Buddha,founder of Buddhism. which makes Nepal a sacred pilgrimage destination for Buddhists as well.There are many other pilgrim sites in Nepal as Swayambhunath Stupa, Buda nilkanth, Manakamna, Barah chetra, Pathivara, Gosaikunda, Halesi Mahadev, Janakpur, Swagadwari etc.The largest temple of God Shiva 'Pashupathinath' is the main attraction of tourism and pilgrimage.

The tourist industry in Nepal employs 42% of the total working population in Nepal. It is the main source of economic sustenance after agriculture about 50% people depend upon foreign tourists for their livelihood.

Nepal's weather is very predictable its pleasant weather also attract more tourist. There are four main climate in Nepal spring ,summer,autumn and winter. Spring and autumn ate the most pleasant weather.Nepal is one of the most fascinating countries in the World with its natural beauty rich cultural heritage, towering pagodas, Himalayan ranges. World's highest mountain " Mount Everest " is located here . Amongst World's ten highest peaks it contain eight.

Nepal Government has declared 2011 is Nepal Tourism Year. Hope it attract about one million foreign tourist to the country during this year.Tourism industry is seen as a way achieve greater social equity in the country. major tourist activities include wildness and adventure activities such as rock climbing , trekking paragliding., hot air ballooning, bird watching over the mountains of Himalaya.

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